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Safety & Inclement Weather Policies


    WalkWithJohn Entertainment reserves the right to charge full cost for loss due to cancellation by customer within 72 hours of event date. Due to last minute cancellations not related to high winds , rain or storms WalkWithJohn Entertainment has equipment that cannot be rented at the last minute that would have been rented to another customer.  This does not apply to high wind, rain or storm conditions. Rain-Out cancellations will be determined by WalkWithJohn Entertainment no earlier than the day prior to your event date due to ever changing weather forecasts, The percentage of rain forecast above 50% for the majority of the day will make your event eligible for rain-out cancellation. If cancellation occurs more than 72 hours prior to event date the non-refundable deposit will be available to the customer as a rain-check for a period of one year, If the rain-check is not used by booking within one year it will be forfeited.
All rentals and events over the total cost of one thousand dollars ($1000) MUST be paid in full five days prior to the original event date. Many times large events require outsourcing of services to make your event spectacular and these vendors have to be paid prior to the event. Keep in mind that you are essentially buying your event date, Once the event date is determined, that is your date. In the event of a rain-out or incoming inclement weather WalkWithJohn Entertainment will work with you to the best of their ability to get everything you desired for your event however if a piece of equipment is not available for the new date you agree to understand that a substitution will be made. If an outsourced service is not available from the original vendor then an alternate vendor will be selected but may slightly change the cost from the original dates contract. Keep in mind that your date is your date and we want you to have a wonderful event but if you choose to change that date there may be deposits to outsourced vendors that will be forfeited.


WalkWithJohn Entertainment WILL cancel your event if the National Weather Association issues a wind advisory. Your Non- Refundable deposit will be available to you as a rain check for up to a year. If you paid for the entire event that amount will either apply to your next event or can be refunded to you.


WalkWithJohn Entertainment WILL cancel your event due to storms and or rain on the morning of the event if forecast rain is more than 50% for the majority of the day. We want you to have an amazing event however we want you to be safe as well.


WalkWithJohn Entertainment is not responsible for restrictions issued by local governing agencies such as water or power restrictions. We will not cancel your event due to these restrictions and all other policies are still in force.


  WalkWithJohn Entertainment reserves the right to charge a 3.5% fee to offset the rising costs of processing your credit cards. This fee if applicable will only apply to the remaining balance due after your deposit is paid. You will be informed before this fee added.

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