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1. Is KNOCKERBALL® as much fun as I see in the TV commercials and YouTube videos?
Definitely, KNOCKERBALL® is not only incredibly fun and safe, but we guarantee you will leave with a smile!
2. What are KNOCKERBALLS® made of?

All KNOCKERBALLS® are manufactured from the highest quality PVC. KNOCKERBALLS® are nothing like some inflatable pool toy! Each individual unit is put through rigorous testing over a period of 72 hours before leaving our facility to ensure there is no leakage and every KNOCKERBALL® will hold the recommended PSI for no less than 24 hours. We have taken great care to ensure that all raw materials utilized in the construction of each KNOCKERBALL® are second to none. Remember, quality is everything when it comes to the all-new sport of KNOCKERBALL® so beware of imitators that will offer other units at a lower price. The inner handles, outer seems, and shoulder strap bonds will be a critical failure area for imitators due to sub-standard glue and poor QC.

3. How old and how tall do I have to be?

All participants under 18 must have adult supervision.  KNOCKERBALLS® are available in two sizes currently:  1.2 meter or medium recommended for male or female 5 feet and under:  1.5 meter or large for those over 5 feet.  Here is why. It is important that your KNOCKERBALL® is adjusted to cover from above your head to just above your knees.  This will ensure that you maintain proper protection for rougher play.  Remember to adjust the shoulder straps accordingly so to obtain optimum bodily coverage.  Please refer to directions for restrictions.

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